A Little Snow Monday, Extra Impactful Snow Mid-Week

We’ve got at least two chances for snow this week.  The first is Monday and the second Tuesday night into Wednesday.   That second bout of snow will be more significant than the first, but we aren’t expecting any big snow storms this week.

Monday’s Snow

The circulation around a storm, which is far out at sea, will draw cold air over the relatively warmer ocean water resulting in snow showers and flurries for our area.  This is ocean-effect snow, similar to lake-effect snow.  We aren’t expecting big accumulations, however.  Still, some slick spots are possible, mainly in eastern Massachusetts.

The timing of for the snow to start is early Monday morning in eastern Mass.   Some of these snow showers could sneak into Newport County or even the East Bay or Rhode Island, but this is more of a Plymouth County, Cape Cod snowfall.  The chance for snow exists between 3AM and 9PM on Monday.  A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for eastern Norfolk and Plymouth Counties in Massachusetts.

Snowfall accumulations won’t be large.  Even those areas where 1-3″ is expected, can expect these amounts over a fairly long period of time.  Still some slick roads are possible.  Notcie most of Rhode Island gets very little, if any, snow.  Generally, flurries are expected in the Ocean State, but if snow showers move through the state, snowfall amounts should be less than 1″.

Tuesday Night and Wednesday Snow

We’ll see a frontal system move into the Eastern U.S. through Tuesday and a secondary area of low pressure will develop off the coast.  That low will move northeastward and pass to our southeast through Wednesday.  While the storm won’t be large, it’ll come close enough that we get some minor accumulations.  We may see some light snow (associated with the front) begin late in the day on Tuesday.

Snow from the ocean storm could begin Wednesday morning.  Most of the snow associated with this little storm is expected to occur during Wednesday morning.  Two to four inches of snow is possible between Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Looking ahead, the computer models indicate that another ocean storm will pass to our southeast on Thursday.  For now, it looks like that storm will be too far away to have an impact on our weather, but we’ll watch it.

-Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo

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