Cincinnati Bengals defensive finish Carlos Dunlap’s message of bullying consciousness has taken him to the guts of the opposing groups, however resonated.
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Making an attempt to determine who in charge for the struggles of the offensive line this yr will take various blogs on this area.

I wrote concerning the latest chapter in the book yesterday. 

Everybody has an opinion, and probably most of them are correct.

As has been the case, everybody can see –  and knew – in March how finding a way to keep Andrew Whitworth and, to a lesser extent, Kevin Zeitler was going to set this offense back. The Bengals doubled down on the potential of Cedric Ogbuehi instead of recognizing their first-round pick’s  struggles and they are paying the price for it.

When you whiff on first-round picks you will pay for it. No matter who or what position.  

An argument is being made the talent is there, but the coaching is the problem. The amount of confusion between parties up front with passing stunts and pass rushers off to nobody has come in droves this year. Inevitably, that stuff falls back on the coach as much as the player.


Bengals beat writers Paul Dehner Jr. and Jim Owczarski discuss the team’s 24-23 Week 8 win against the Indianapolis Colts.
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For sure, you can take your shots at the players up front, who haven’t shown the progress necessary for this team to reach their goals this year. Maybe they will, but seven games in the trend line looks more like a flat line. And possible regression depending on how you viewed Sunday.

Does it matter who is at fault? Not really. Everybody shares in it to some extent. The coaching hasn’t been good enough, the evaluation of the readiness of Ogbuehi/Jake Fisher was off, not biting the bullet and paying Whitworth was a mistake, the current players haven’t progressed and the selection of a string of…