Boy scratched by contaminated bat dies from rabies in Orlando hospital

By Associated Press,

Last Updated: Monday, January 15, 2018, 3:10 PM EST

A 6-year-old Florida boy has died from rabies he contracted after being scratched by an infected bat.

  • Father found sick bat, told boy not to touch, child does anyway
  • Father says he did not take the boy to the hospital
  • Boy afraid of vaccine shots; later dies in Orlando hospital

The father of Ryker Roque told NBC that his son died Sunday at an Orlando hospital.

Father Henry Roque said he had found a sick bat, put it in a bucket and told his son not to touch it, but he did and was scratched.

He said he washed the wound thoroughly but didn’t take the boy to the hospital because he cried when he was told he would get shots. About a week later the boy developed numb fingers and a headache and his parents took him for hospital treatment.

Rabies is almost always fatal once symptoms develop. A vaccine given after a wound but before symptoms almost always prevents the disease.

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