Anderson High School will be closed Wednesday, Oct. 31 and Thursday, Nov. 1, during installation of a new and permanent heating system. The school was also closed Tuesday.

Although the work was not expected to impact the daily schedule, school administrators felt the temporary heating units that were currently in place would not “provide a comfortable classroom environment” with the cooler than usual temperatures.

“Closing the building will provide workers with uninterrupted time to complete the installation of the new and permanent heating system without compromising the safety of students and staff,” said Superintendent Scot Prebles in a message on the Anderson High School website.

Associate Director of Communications Erika Daggett said some delays were caused by transitioning to a new heating system.

“It’s adapting a new system to an older building while maintaining system efficiency,” she said.

Renovations of school facilities in the district and construction of a new Wilson Elementary School were part of a bond issue approved by voters in 2014. Renovations to Anderson High School, which was the final school in the district-wide renovation plan, began in March.

Prebles said closing the school for two days was not expected to impact the last day of school or graduation.

Anderson High School will resume regular…