How Knott’s ice present ‘Merry Christmas, Snoopy!’ sends skaters flying round its …

One of the most popular productions during Knott’s Merry Farm is “Merry Christmas, Snoopy!” The show, on weekends through Jan. 7, features top-notch ice skating performances to holiday music with vignettes starring the Peanuts characters.

Karen Kresge of Woodstock Ice Productions (which is owned and run by Charles Schulz’s daughter, Jill Schulz) has been creating, directing and choreographing Knott’s summer and holiday ice shows since 2000. She is a professional skater and was a soloist for the Ice Follies for 10 years.

As Kresge began her career as a director and choreographer, her friendship with Charles Schulz also started, as the Snoopy character was licensed to the Ice Follies and they worked together on tours and television specials. Later, she created, directed and choreographed more than 25 ice shows for and with Schulz at Snoopy’s Home Ice – The Redwood Empire Ice Arena in Santa Rosa.

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