Navy Commander house in Monrovia for the vacations surprises his youngsters at college – …

Christmas came early this year for three Monrovia kids when their father, a commander in the Navy who’s been stationed in Bahrain, surprised them at school on Thursday.

The children — third-grader Charlotte, fifth-grader Sawyer, and eighth-grader Jackson — thought their father, Jeffrey Mitchell, would be home on Dec. 20. Their mom had them keeping track of the days with a countdown calendar at home, so an early arrival was the last thing on their minds.

For Jeffrey, the day began at Bradoaks Elementary School, where Charlotte and Sawyer attend. While the principal and teachers did their best to portray a normal school day for the kids, the crowd of camera crews in Charlotte’s classroom made it clear that a big event was unfolding — the students just didn’t know what.

When Jeffrey walked in, Charlotte was stunned. She sat frozen at her desk before getting up to give her a dad a long-awaited and long-lasting hug.

Next up was Sawyer. Jeffrey and his daughter walked down a few classrooms, where Sawyer sat unwitting. When he saw his dad, he gave him a hug, returned to his desk, and then went back for more.

While the kids were overwhelmed, they said they were excited to have their dad home early.

The second and last stop of the day was at Clifton Middle School, where Jackson attends. Rather than surprising him in his classroom, the family decided to have the principal call him out of class. They waited behind a wall in the school’s library, where Jackson was told to head.

As soon as he walked in and Jeffrey peeked out from around the corner, Jackson gasped and ran in for a hug.

“I didn’t expect this at all,” Jackson said.

All three kids got the rest of day off of school to spend time with their dad, who’s home for a month before returning to Bahrain.

Jeffrey said he’s looking forward to “just spending a lot of time” with his kids while he’s home for the holidays.

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