Orlando airport misplaced-and-discovered sees document variety of gadgets

Over the years, Orlando International Airport’s lost and found workers have seen it all, from hats to hips.

  • Orlando airport’s lost and found breaks record
  • About 7,200 items dropped off at lost-and-found office
  • Workers have seen an artifical hip, CPAP machine and more

Tens of thousands of people pass through OIA every month, which means the chances are good a passenger will forget an item — that will probably end up at the lost and found room.

In fact, December was the busiest month ever at the lost and found room, officials say, keeping workers even busier.

About 7,200 items were dropped off there, a new record. Workers see plenty of common items, such as belts, sunglasses, cell phones, cell phone chargers, tablets.

But the storage room also houses far less common items, such as CPAP machines, used by sleep apnea patients. An airport traveler even once left behind a new hip, ready to be implanted.

Each item dropped off at the lost and found is entered in to a database, labeled and filed away. After 30 days, items are auctioned off, and the money (minus what’s paid to the auction house) goes in to the airport’s general fund.

“We also donate part of those items to schools, especially like jackets and books,” said Patricia Sarria, supervisor of the lost and found room.

Often, the item’s owner comes calling. Sometimes, the lost and found workers will do some detective work and find them. The airport says more than half the time, workers are able to find the people and return the item — even the replacement hip.

If you think you lost something at OIA, you can call 407-825-2111.

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