US doing ‘properly economically,’ has improve in racial tensions

A poll is showing what Americans think of President Donald Trump as he reaches his first year in office.

A CBS Nation Tracker poll finds nearly half of Americans see the U.S. doing well economically. Meanwhile, most felt that racial tensions have increased in the past year.

CBS News reported that after Trump’s first year in office, Americans feel more positive about the economy, but there are several issues at play.

Among the findings:

—Nearly half of respondents said the country is run for the benefit of a few elites.

—Most surveyed also found that Trump uses his personal Twitter account to communicate in a way that’s not helpful.

—Nearly half also see the country as not safe from terrorism.

—Most Americans see the U.S. as divided.

—The poll showed a 50-50 split between whether undocumented immigrants should be deported.

Trump supporters say a big reason why they hold their views is because he is a different kind of president and fighting the establishment.

Trump opponents say a big reason why they hold their views is because they don’t like his policies and “he’s disrespected people like me.”

The poll sampled nearly 2,200 adults from Jan. 10-12. It had a margin of error of 2.6 percentage points.

Trump has continued to criticize polls.

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