VCSO defends deputy who allegedly body-slammed high school student

Last Updated: Tuesday, February 13, 2018, 6:51 PM EST

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office has released a statement in regards to an incident Friday where a deputy reportedly body-slammed a high school student.

  • VCSO defends deputy who allegedly body-slammed student
  • Incident happened at Spruce Creek High School
  • Sheriff Chitwood says he stands behind deputy’s actions

The alleged incident happened at Spruce Creek High School after school staff requested deputy assistance. According to a VCSO news release, an argument escalated between students after threats and “aggressive behavior” were exchanged.

Authorities say force was used against a student after a school administrator said the student would “drop” him and another staff member.

A student from Spruce Creek High reportedly shared a video of the deputy using force against the student by body-slamming him.

School surveillance video and a body-camera worn by the deputy captured the incident.  

Three students were charged with creating a campus disruption, two of them facing an additional charge of assault on a school board employee. Another is also charged with resisting arrest without violence.

All three are juveniles and face misdemeanors.

A use of force review ffrom VCSO is reportedly underway. Sheriff Mike Chitwood released a statement on the incident:

“Deputy Moore saw a volatile situation headed out of control, and he took quick action to stop it. It worked, and no one was injured. I stand behind his decision. I commend him for restoring order to a potentially riotous incident and protecting the staff and students at Spruce Creek High School. I wish those who are scrutinizing this deputy’s decision would apply some of the same scrutiny to the actions of the juvenile defendants who created this situation in the first place.”

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